Up Close and Personal with Fox Business Journalist and Former Beauty Queen Trish Regan

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Named one of the top ten women in broadcast journalism news to watch in 2006, Trish Regan has been making a name for herself long before she hit the airwaves as a journalist.

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Currently the host of  “The Intelligence Report” on FOX Business Network which debuted this past April, Regan has previously hosted shows such as “Street Smart with Trish Regan” on Bloomberg Television and anchored various shows while at CNBC. She’s also written a book and produced a documentary, both focusing on the marijuana industry.

BELLA New York recently sat down with the former beauty queen turned journalist/author/television host, to find out how she parlayed one creative career into another and  how as a mother of two young girls she feels about the beauty industry today.

Trish Regan Pageant Photo

Prior to a career in journalism you competed in beauty pageants, most notably Miss America, and studied opera – what led you to choose a career in business journalism over the performing arts?

I had studied music very seriously from the time I was quite young, beginning piano when I was about four years old. In fact, I learned ABC’s on the piano and could read music before I could actually read! As a teenager I began studying opera and pursued it aggressively, participating in competitions here at home and studying overseas.

I began my education at a Conservatory but eventually transferred out of music school to Columbia University where I studied economics and history and loved it! Internships at Goldman Sachs and at NBC News really put me on the financial journalism path. For someone who loves history, being a journalist is exciting because every day you are reporting what will become our history. In addition, as someone who is passionate about the direction of our economy, I get to have a voice in this important conversation.

How did you get started in the pageant world?

Pretty simple, I needed money to pay for school and I read about the pageant in my hometown newspaper. I was already a serious musician and since talent was a big percentage of the score, I figured I had a shot at winning. I entered a local pageant and I won. That put me in the state pageant, where I also won. Then I went on to compete as Miss New Hampshire in the Miss America pageant. It was a terrific experience.

As a mother of two girls, how would you feel if they wanted to start participating in pageants?

I will always encourage them to pursue something they love. Having something you can excel at is extremely important for kids and their self-esteem. Whether that’s sports, debate, art, singing – it doesn’t matter – as long as the kids are excited about it and are focused on it.

For me, my passion as a young person was music and, the pageant provided me with a platform to perform. That’s what I loved abut it. I don’t know as I’d encourage them to do a pageant just for the pageants sake – it would be better if it compliments whatever else in life they may be pursuing.

With the controversy that surrounds beauty pageants and young girls, do you think there should be an age restriction on when kids can begin entering?

I think putting kids in beauty pageants makes no sense at all. For a young girl to put on that much makeup and walk around and perform like an adult is ridiculous and doesn’t teach the values I want my children to embrace.

How would you describe your new show, “The Intelligence Report” on Fox Business Network?

It’s a fast paced news show that digs into the stories of the day – we bring you analysis that is absolutely unrivaled. We have the smartest people giving you insight into the most important stories in the world – and we have a really fun time doing it. I promise you will always learn something and come away with a viewpoint or perspective that’s fresh, enlightening and exciting.

For many women it can be challenging working and raising children – how do you balance the two and was it difficult at times to find that balance?

It’s a challenge, for sure. I have a husband and three young children – my twin girls are five years old and my son just turned three – they all need me. The reality is, when I’m with the kids, I give them 100 percent of my attention. Quality time matters and my husband and I both make our family priority.

BELLA’s tagline is, Beauty as Defined by You. What is your definition of beauty?

Confidence. To me, women that are confident and secure in themselves are the sexiest, most beautiful women.

What are some of your beauty tips and tricks for looking good on camera?

Exercise, drink plenty of water and try to get enough sleep.

Top 3 favorite beauty products you can’t live without?

Voluminous Mascara, Smashbox bright pink blush, and Mac lip gloss in Morning Glory.

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