Tips For Upping Your Mask Hygiene

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This week, New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, mandated that wearing a face mask in public is mandatory. Governors around the country have also been putting this order into effect. The truth is, this has to be taken seriously.That being said, how to use a mask, in order to maximize your protection and minimize the spread of COVID-19, is super important – Masks can be advantageous and lifesaving.

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Here are a few ways that professionals advise on how to maximize the effectiveness of a face mask:

Keep the skin that touches the mask clean 

Whether you’re putting on or taking off the face mask, don’t forget to wash your hands. As helpful as soap bars can be, soaps that strip your hands dry don’t necessarily make ease of the situation. Peet Bros. Palm FreeSoap Bars are the best for frequent hand washing, as they are made with nourishing ingredients, like shea butter, olive oil, and hemp – plus, no added fillers. For more information please visit, /

Avoid chafing from your mask

Face masks are useful, but they can also be irritating. Touching your face while adjusting your mask can lead to the spread of germs. Body Glide is known for the original anti-chafe, anti-blister balm, protecting the skin from chafing, by creating an invisible barrier on the skin. Body Glide does not leave any grease or mess and is completely stain-free. In response to pain and irritation from medical personnel, Body Glide has released the Face Glide– protecting the face and ears from irritation and chafing. Face Glide is ideal for anyone wearing masks to stay safe and healthy, especially our healthcare workers. For more information please visit,

Keep your mask clean

With the shortage of face masks, it’s important to keep them clean for the next time you wear. No detergent is proven to eliminate this virus, but the CDC recommends safer-choice products that contain hydrogen peroxide, as it has disinfectant properties. Powerizer Complete is a revolutionary USDA Bio-Preferred, all-in-one, plant and mineral-based home cleaner. Powerizer Clean contains sodium percarbonate, which turns into hydrogen peroxide, when mixed with water. Made without additives, toxins, phosphates, dyes or fillers, Powerizer Complete is the perfect source for properly cleaning makeshift face masks. Just have to add water to activate! For more information please visit,

Keep germs off your mask

To make sure germs from the mask don’t reach other parts of the home, protect your immune system and surrounding surface areas of the home with an air purifier. The Better Air Biotica800 is an air and surface purifier that works to eliminate bacteria pathogens and viruses, even on the most delicate areas and objects in your house. Give your immune system that much-needed extra boost by utilizing the only air purifier that uses probiotics, which increase immune function and fight-off pathogens and diseases before they can infect. For more information please visit,


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