Venue Hiring 101


When it comes to any sort of event, the venue that you choose is of huge importance. It can have a big impact on the entire mood and feeling. From personal to professional; read on for tips on hiring venues…

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Party venues 

There is nothing better than hosting a party, especially over the festive period. Christmas provides the perfect opportunity for family and friends to get together and enjoy some fine food, drink some wine and dance the night away. However, no matter the time of year, finding a party venue can be difficult! 

The person who has the job of planning the party will obviously have a lot more on his or her hands then simply deciding what to wear for the evening. In fact, the success of the party will largely be down to how well they have organized it. Talk about pressure!

The main aspect of planning any party is finding the perfect place to host it. There are a lot of suitable party venues, however the key is finding the right one which best suits the party in question.

In order to find the perfect venue there are a lot of factors which need to be considered. The first thing that needs to be contemplated is the size of the venue. This is of course highly important. The person arranging the party should put together a guest list in order to determine how many people they think are coming. They should then ensure that the venue they pick caters specifically to the number of people coming.

In addition to the size of the venue, the date of the party is also highly important. Christmas time is an extremely busy period and many people book venues for parties, banquets and other social events. Therefore, the date of the party is highly important when it comes to booking the venue because there is a chance there will be a lot of competition for the date in question. The key is to book early for the best chance of securing the venue on your desired date.

Furthermore, another important aspect regarding party venues is their location. A perfect party venue is one which is convenient for all guests to get to and has public transport links for those guests who do not drive. A good idea is to book a venue which has hotels nearby so that guests can stay overnight if they have gotten a little bit too merry.

Aside from the size, the location and the date another factor which is important is the food put on at the party. It is important to discover whether the venue has an in house caterer, as they will be able to take care of this aspect. However, anyone hosting a party obviously wants to make sure that the food is exciting and of a high quality so it is vital to make sure that the person in charge takes a look at the venues catering options.

The final point to be considered is obviously the price of the venue. As there are so many party venues all over the country, there are also a lot of great deals to be found. The most advisable thing to do is have a good look around on the internet before making a final decision.

Business venue

If you are running any kind of business then it is likely that you will require the utilisation of one of the available training rooms at some point or another. This may be to train present staff in new skills and trends, or on the other hand it could be used to teach new recruiters about the job at hand. Either way, it is essential that you get the very best room which caters to your needs if you want the day to be a successful one. This article will provide you with some guidance as to what to look for when you are selecting on the many training rooms.

The first thing you need to do is look for a training room which is convenient for your staff to travel to. Pick somewhere which is not too far away and has a good public transport route. This is vital because you do not want your staff to be stressed and flustered before the training has even commenced. 

The second thing you need to think about is the size of the room you require. You do not want to pick an area which is too small or your staff will feel cramped and uncomfortable. However, on the other hand if you pick a room which is too big, your staff will feel lost in their surroundings and thus become very easily distracted. 

Finally, you need to make a list of all the facilities and technological equipment and support systems you require. It is likely you will require basic tools, such as an internet connection, a white board, a projector and a screen, especially if you’re going to be doing an online course via the likes of Aston online, as these items can really enhance your efforts. Nevertheless, if there is any special equipment you need to make sure you discover whether the venue will be able to have it on hand for you. 

If you carefully consider these three areas; size, convenience and facilities available, then you can’t go wrong. Remember, the training room is essential to the success of the day.


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