VILDesigns, LLC: A Design Company that Prides Itself on Offering Beauty and Affordability

By Dr. Robi Ludwig

During the height of the pandemic, our interior environments served a more therapeutic and spiritual purpose and function. Our homes became our workplace, our family space, and the place where we often wanted to nurture our souls. Many even found themselves buying new homes or finding new spaces to accommodate their new and continuously evolving needs.

As we once again transition into a new chapter of covid living, our home surroundings continue to be an important focus and priority. Bryan Vincent, the Chief Design Specialist for VILDesigns, LLC said his company is extremely busy, especially since his design firm works exclusively virtually. It was the perfect interior decorating go to place for those who wanted to stay safe and update a space or create an entirely new look to live in. This was also right on brand with their company’s motto, Simple. Affordable. Quality.”

Vincent describes VILDesigns, LLC as a national interior design service who specializes in Residential and Commercial Interior design. It’s also considered one of the most affordable “custom firms” in the country. Bryan Vincent sat down with me to share why virtual, affordable designing is the new, grand way to go.

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What is VILD designs, LLC and what makes your firm so unique?

 VILDesigns, LLC is a flat rate national interior and landscape design firm specializing in residential and commercial aesthetic design. What makes our firm unique is the ability to accomplish the same, if not better, aesthetic touch and design that the industry would charge north of $150-$200/hour for at only $350/per room. We have 10 amazing designers on our team that can transform any space into any style that a client is looking for. Our portfolio spans across every design style from traditional and transitional to mid-century, rustic, French country, coastal contemporary and modern.

How did the pandemic impact your business?

The pandemic actually had a reverse “declining business” effect for our firm. It was surprisingly the biggest year we ever had in 10 years. Where we expected people and clients to hold off on major renovations and spend money on things like furniture and decor, it was the complete opposite for the entire home renovation industry. All furniture companies increased in sales and home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes saw their stocks blow through the roof. Contractors could not supply the demand for materials, real estate agents were selling homes like crazy, and all furniture and decor manufacturers could not keep up with timely deliveries. After our monthly new client book started rising each month after January, we knew that the pandemic and tax season was going to significantly increase our project list.

Who is the right customer for your services?

There are two types of clients in the industry. Those who know exactly what they want and just need a designer’s eye and touch to bring it together, and those who have a blank canvas and are looking for all trendy ideas to make their home, restaurant or office and beautiful inviting space. Our demographic is usually split between both types. We have clients who come to us knowing what they like and want to do but have a difficult time visualizing it. We also have clients who are doing a simple refresh to an older space or just bought a new home, and they want the designer to help guide them on what looks good.

How are people matched with one of your designers?

New clients are matched with our team based on what they’re looking to do and accomplish. I have been doing this for over 20 years and the more you work with clients the more you learn who connects best with the team. It’s not always an exact science but you can sense who will work best with each other. It’s a tough industry though because you must put yourself in the client’s mind. You must put a puzzle of the client’s vision together to make the best selections and recommendations that they like or envision themselves living or working in. It’s not easy by any stretch.

What is the process once a customer signs up for your services?

So, our design process is complete and efficient in three simple phases. The first phase is all about the details. After you become a new client, we send one of our highly talented “Detail Reps” out to your home to gather all the professional 360° scans, photos, measurements, and details of your project. The second phase is called “Layout and Aesthetics,” and this is where the collaboration begins. Our designers take all the details from phase one and create two different optional floor plan layouts and make all the actual furniture and décor selections and recommendations. The third and final phase is my favorite. To clearly see the interior designer’s vision, we will build out a 4k design/rendering of the space. This now gives you the opportunity to see what the room could potentially look like and allows you to make an update to it if needed.

How long do design projects tend to take?

So, the process takes approximately 2 – 4 weeks highly dependent on the flow of moving from space to space. The design team is extremely efficient on moving projects along as we know clients want to get their spaces done. However, If the client becomes busy in their job or social life and doesn’t have as much time to give feedback then it will obviously take a little longer. It’s all about the relationship in picking pieces and elements that go together.

Are there any disadvantages to working virtually either for your or your clients?

Since the company has been around, we have always seen more value in what we do vs in person. The only disadvantage that one may have, is wanting to have that designer constantly in person with them to help them. However, that leads to astronomical hourly fees where 80% of what we do, is already included in what we offer. A lot of times, designers in person don’t even do actual design renderings and again, that’s one of the most important parts of the process to us. We see value in making the process so much more convenient for the client because we are constantly working on the project and providing material for feedback whereas, in person, you constantly have to set up appointments and be flexible. On top of that, if there is extra work involved that wasn’t accounted for, that’s where the hourly estimate goes up.

How much do these projects cost?

So, our typical average project ranges anywhere between $350 – $2000 depending on the number of rooms or spaces. We also discount the estimate as much as we can when a client is doing a larger project. We want to be able to give our clients the greatest value for the same production they would have to pay a lot more for. Again, with everything we do and offer, our price point is far lower than it should be but because we rely on referrals and high volume around the country, we can keep our flat rate prices at almost the most competitive you’ll find,

Where can people find you to learn more about VILDesigns, LLC?

We are all over the internet with website and social media exposure. VILDesigns.Com and @Vildesigns.LLC. We have a great reputation amongst our competition and so we try to expand into as many markets as we can so that we can grow more presence. Growing more presence helps build our online exposure. Of course, doing good work and new projects by word of mouth is the best advertising.

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