Actress Jordan Claire Robbins Graces The Screen in Netflix’s “Umbrella Academy” And Beyond

Photo Credits: JCR; Photographer: Brendan Klem; Styling: Kara Chomistek, PARK Production House; Make-up: Nickol Walkemeyer

Actress and model, Jordan Claire Robbins has taken the TV/film industry by storm! With a flair for superb storytelling and a passion for the performing arts, the young starlet has delivered a number of breathtaking performances throughout her illustrious career, and continues to amaze audiences everywhere with her outstanding execution of every role she portrays. 

Waving goodbye to beautiful Bermuda to attend the University of Toronto at just eighteen years old, Jordan Claire Robbins has done nothing but dedicate herself to her dream of becoming an actress. The talented star has been featured in a variety of popular television shows, including CW’s Supernatural, SyFy’s 12 Monkey’s, and Man Seeking Woman on FXX, and can currently be seen starring in Netflix’s illustrious Umbrella Academy, where she accepts her new role of ‘mom’ to seven superhero children.

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Photo Credit: Netflix

Robbins’ depiction of her character ‘Grace’ in The Umbrella Academy has received nothing but high praise from viewers around the globe, as her ability to merge A.I. characteristics with real human emotion is absolutely brilliant. ‘Grace’ has become a definite favorite for both Robbins and fans alike, and we actually get to see a completely different version of her throughout season 2 after witnessing the many life-altering events that occur in season 1.

Eager to speak with the actress about her work on Umbrella Academy and what’s next for her in the future, BELLA connected with Robbins herself…

How did you prepare for your role as robot ‘Grace’ in season 1, and what were some of the challenges you faced (if any) portraying an A.I. character?

I did a lot of research to really get a feel for how the “ideal” housewife spoke, moved, and acted in the 1950’s since that was the image Grace was built from. To portray an AI character, especially one who was supposed to be this “perfect” woman, there needed to be this smoothness to how I moved. I did dance training and walked around my apartment with a book on my head, as well as vocal training to get that Midwestern accent locked in. I also wanted to understand how Grace processed information compared to a human. The fact that she became more independent in her thinking and behaving, as well as that she was struggling to override this programming where the story starts out, made it an interesting challenge for me to portray. It was important to me that I walked that fine line where the audience never quite knew how human she was, how much she was capable of, and whether what she said and did was programming or something more complex and real.

In season 2, we see a completely different version of ‘Grace’ and learn more about who she is as a human. Did you see this change in your character coming?

I was definitely pleasantly surprised when I found out where season 2 was taking Grace, and how it fit into the backstory of season 1 Grace. It was so fun to get to play this version of her that had so many different human nuances and qualities, and to get to explore an all new relationship to Hargreeves and Diego.

What is your favorite quality about ‘Grace’ in season 1 vs. your favorite quality in season 2?

Season 2 Grace had this strength and passion for science that drove her to excel at a time when that field, like most, was dominated by men. And I respect how season 1 Grace fought to push through her programming to make her own decisions and find agency despite Hargreeves stifling her for most of her life.

What do you hope to see from ‘Grace’ in upcoming seasons of The Umbrella Academy?

If Grace continues to be a part of the story, I hope to be able to explore more of her independence and her finding of her own voice, distinct from what Hargreeves has influenced.

Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy takes place in the 1960’s, if you could travel back to any time/place in history, where would you go?

Great question! I would go back to 1940’s New York to get to meet my grandma when she was my age, and see her sing on Broadway. She had an incredible voice and was my soulmate, so I would’ve loved to get to see her in action in her younger years, and get to experience New York in that era.

You are currently filming for the forthcoming thriller flick, Escape the Filed. Can you tell me a little more about that project?

The film is about six strangers who all wake up trapped in an endless cornfield and need to figure out how to escape as something mysterious hunts them. I loved the script right away because it is intelligent, well-crafted with horror elements but more relationship-driven and grounded in strong characters. I can safely say it was one of my most enjoyable, and emotionally and physically demanding roles yet. My character is strong and determined and a fighter, and playing her was a gift in that I got to explore my own strength in the process. I can’t wait to share it with the world!

Are there any other exciting new ventures in the works that you can share with me at this time?

I am almost wrapped on ETF and will be heading back to Vancouver before heading off to shoot one more exciting project before Christmas that I can’t talk about just yet! Along with the rest of the world, I hit the reset button for a few months earlier this year, so it feels great to get back into the swing of things before 2020 is over!



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