Wedding Details Made Easy

When it comes to weddings, we automatically think about those big details. The venue, the attire, and who will be marrying you are all vital details. However, what can really bog people down are some of the finer details. We want to make things easier for you, so here are some suggestions for you to consider when planning for the nuptials:

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Recessional Tosses

At the end of every ceremony (or reception if both are in the same location) is the recessional walk of bridal party and bride and groom. Traditionally, we think of rice being tossed at the bride and groom. However, many venues have banned this practice as birds love to munch on it until they are sick. Since we don’t really want to harm our feathered friends, we look for newer and more inventive ways to celebrate the walk. Here are a few suggestions:

·  Bird seed – the birds won’t get sick!

·  Confetti in wedding colors

·  Sparklers -great for evening weddings! Sparklers are very affordable! Sparklers for weddings happen to be one of the hottest trends!

·  Wish Lanterns – best for evening weddings! Floating Lanterns are ideal for outdoor venues! These wish lanterns can be your cheapest wedding item.

·  Bubbles


Invitations are particularly important for your wedding; how else will your guests know about your big day? Traditional, engraved invitations that are set in the theme of the wedding are still a very popular choice. However, to meet your budget and have a bit of fun, consider making your invitations at home. There are lots of templates out there and if you already have a reputation for being a savvy DIYer, you will be just fine crafting your own invitations. Modern young couples are now creating the virtual invitation via their wedding website. This can be a cost saver and reach people anywhere on the globe. However, be mindful that older generations may prefer to get an invitation in the mail. Just like they did in the “good old days”!

Table Favors

Guest favors are the one thing that we are expected to provide, but the guests often don’t care for. One bride went out of her way creating wonderful place cards using beautiful photo frames for the guests to take home. And no one did. The key is to find something that is affordable for you and something that will be used. A few ideas include:

o  Scrabble magnets

o  Coffee mugs

o  Mix CDs of the couple’s favorite love songs

o  Holiday ornaments

o  Water bottles


Music at your reception is important. This is where everyone cuts loose and just has a wonderful time celebrating your nuptials. Here are the options that you will have:

o  DJ – allows you to play the most popular music for wedding receptions as well as your top 40 favorites. Most DJs allow you to customize your playlist and fill in time with similar music.

o  Live band –  live bands are great because they bring their own personal energy to the room and people usually enjoy a live show more.

o  Ensemble – They bring to the table a classy and specialized sound that will be perfect for any type of wedding. If you are not a fan of live bands or top 40, ensemble is perfect for you!

Planning your wedding can be one of the most exhilarating – and daunting – events of your life. Enjoy each moment and try not to let those minute details bog you down. The wedding should reflect your personalities and a joyful event. Most importantly, it should be a joyous occasion when you are there!

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