Wedding Tips: Creating the Best Wedding for You

By Kimberly Gambale

Choosing the Best Venue: Reception Locations – Think outside the box. Times have changed since the old days when people would get married at their local church or synagogue, then have a reception in the backyard or at a nearby hotel. Now, there are endless options for your special day venue, from private estates and vineyards to countryside castles and beach houses to a destination wedding. Being creative in planning your reception will create memories that will last a lifetime for everyone involved.

You’re Invited! – Once you have selected a date and chosen the ceremony and reception venues, it’s time to start sending out your “Save the Date” cards and formal invitations. The style and look of these announcements will set the tone for your entire wedding. The invitation gives your guests an idea as to the type and formality of the event, and colors should reflect what you will use in the wedding.

It’s All in the Details: Your Wedding Program – Your wedding program is considered to be the guide to your day’s celebration. The information you share gives a record of what the event entails. Be thorough in the items you include in the program. Also, if you are having a very religious ceremony, perhaps include some background on what will transpire, as all of your guests might not hold the same religious beliefs as you and your fiancé.

Making the Day Memorable, Your Way – This is your wedding, your party… if you want to serve mini-burgers, go ahead. A wedding should be a reflection of you and your soon-to-be spouse, so think of unique ways to leave a lasting memory for your guests, whether you accomplish this through unique décor, special favors, or a dessert bar. 

Play it Safe: Purchase Wedding Insurance – This insurance is like an umbrella that can cover you if things go wrong. It might not cover every possible incident, but it will give you peace of mind and less to worry about before your big day. In most cases where wedding insurance is used, it is because of postponement. Perhaps there was a death in the family or somebody became very ill. A wedding insurance policy will allow you to recover most of the monies spent on deposits and payments.

Saying Thanks with Groomsmen and Bridesmaids Gifts – If you cannot afford to spend a little more money and give a physical gift or unique wedding present, another option for the groomsmen and bridesmaids gifts is simply to spend time together. Whether in the bar with the boys or pampering yourselves in a spa with the girls, these gestures often far outweigh the traditional gifts. If there is one thing you’ll learn from your wedding day, it’s that memories are much more precious than any gift money can buy.

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