Weekly BELLA Intern Update: 05.04.2018


Hey again, BELLAs!

It’s Friday, so we’re not only ready for the weekend, it’s also time for my weekly intern update!

Remember how last Friday I said that spring has finally hit New York? Make that summer. It is HOT. And we love it! Beautiful weather gives us an excuse to go out more and really get our New York Street Talk segment started! If you’re roaming around SoHo, you just might run into us asking people fun questions or filming them for our new segment, “Ask Dr. D”. Got any questions for a pain doctor? I certainly did. I asked Dr. D what I can do to make wearing high heels more comfortable… don’t we all need a solution to this everlasting struggle? Stay tuned for his answer to my question, and many more, in our weekly videos!

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Look forward to read some fun pieces coming to our website shortly, including tips for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, interviews with a certain Disney Channel heartthrob, an 8.3 million follower Instagram model, and an exclusive sneak peek on the second season of 13 Reasons Why – not to give away too much!

Until next week, enjoy the weather and most importantly the weekend!

xxx Julie

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