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Welcome To “BELLA Family!”

Welcome to the BELLA Family section! I’m Christina Soriano, a wife, and mother to my 13 month old daughter who keeps me very busy and on my toes! Many years ago, I had the pleasure of covering museum and cultural exhibits for BELLA. At the time I was working as an art teacher at a New York City public school so writing about organizations I frequented was second nature.

While I wish I could say I’m out and about viewing the world’s greatest artworks, my current reality is juggling my child’s allergist appointments, figuring out how to accomplish 18 things during my child’s naps, and figuring out how to get food stains out of…well, everything.

The journey to motherhood was not easy. Being a mom is not easy. Our goal is to let you know that you are not alone. While it would be a lie to say I don’t aspire to be the fab fit moms I see on social media, the reality is, it’s an image. Life behind the lens is a big fat mess. My role is to remind us that in the chaos there is BELLA. It’s not always easy to see but if you dig deep it’s there.

I am excited to contribute to this section on all things family as I move about every day on this new chapter of my life with you.


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