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By Lisa Camerlengo

Fit into Your Clothes this Fall

Overindulging at family barbecues, drinking at the tiki bar, ice cream truck treats and choosing “bad” food at the ballpark lead to some unwanted pounds this summer? BELLA offers some small tips to keep you on track – and fitting into your clothes – this fall.

Robin Barrie Kaiden, MS, RD, CDN, CSSD, a nutritional counselor who has successfully assisted clients in reaching personal wellness, nutrition, weight loss and exercise goals from her Manhattan office for more than a decade, offers five key ingredients for success when it comes to losing weight.

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“If you put on a few extra pounds from summer vacations and parties, you don’t have to put on extra layers of clothing to cover it up. And, if you tend to gain weight in the cooler months, here’s how to prevent that, too,” she says.

 1. Hold the Hot Chocolate (and other high-calorie drinks)

Even a small hot chocolate with whipped cream packs about 300 calories and is very high in carbohydrates and fat. The warm liquid may taste and feel great on a cool day, but a low-calorie hot tea or coffee with a high fiber, balanced snack is a better option. Satisfy your chocolate craving with a small dose of dark chocolate on a regular basis instead. Dark chocolate helps improve blood flow, prevent heart disease, improves cognition and mood, assists in controlling blood sugar and is full of antioxidants that can protect against aging and cancer. It can also assist with weight loss by improving insulin resistance, decreasing cravings, and reducing stress and cortisol levels. Remember: Dark chocolate is still high in fat, so limit yourself to no more than a small square a day.

2. Pumpkin Power
Pumpkins are a perfect addition to your fall diet. High in protein and fiber, a handful of pumpkin seeds added to yogurt, salad, or as a healthy snack packs a powerful, satisfying punch of antioxidants and zinc. Pumpkin flesh is also high in antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E, K, potassium, magnesium and iron. Enjoy it as a low-calorie snack or side dish with your meal for 3g of fiber and more than 4g of protein per cup.  

3. Check Your Chestnuts:
It’s great to chomp on warm nuts or chestnuts by the fire, but be sure to check the label or ask about added oils, sugar or salt. These ingredients add too many extra calories and increase your sodium intake, which leads to water retention. This is especially a concern in the cool fall and winter months, when we sweat less and don’t have as much sodium to replace.  

4. Skip the Cider and Reach for an Apple 

One cup of apple cider contains 120 calories, almost 30g of carbohydrates and no fiber, while one medium apple has only 72 calories, 19g of carbohydrates and more than 3g of fiber. An apple’s nutrients make it more filling and its crunch factor, as well as the fact that it takes time to eat, make it the perfect snack. Don’t love fresh apples? Try dried apples, which have only 60 calories, 16 g carbohydrates and 2g of fiber in half a cup.  

5. Hydrate, Even if It’s Hot 

Believe it or not, it’s sometimes even harder to hydrate in cooler months. Did you know that we mistake hunger for thirst 75 percent of the time? So, reach for tea or hot water with added lemon (not tons of added sugar and milk or cream) to meet your fall hydration needs.  

 For more nutritional tips, visit RobinBarrie.com. 

Slimming (and Sensational!) Fall Workouts

 If you’re searching for a new fitness routine for fall, you’re in luck. BELLA consulted some fitness experts in the New York City area for their slimming – and sensational – workouts to keep you active well into the cooler months. 

Reinvent Yourself

CHAISE23, located in New York’s Flatiron district (40 E. 23rd Street), attracts celebs such as Vanessa Hudgens for its “Reinvention Method” workout. Lauren and Rachel Piskin, the mother-daughter duo behind the Manhattan fitness hotspot, offer full-body workout classes with a fitness chair and suspended overhead bungees to create long and lean muscles. Lauren, who has more than 30 years of experience in the fitness industry and is a former competitive figure skater, paired up with her daughter, Rachel, a former New York City Ballerina, to found the studio, which is unlike any other. 

If you’ve never taken a class on a fitness chair with bungees, here’s how it works. 

 “The bungees have resistance equivalent to 3-to-6 pound weights, but since they are overhead, you are forced to engage your core, while sculpting and lengthening your back and arms,” Rachel Piskin explains. “Throughout the 55-minute class, you’ll use the bungees in various forms, so instead of working the arms and core in segmented exercises, you resist and fatigue the muscles throughout the class.” 

Still curious? BELLA asked Rachel for her top three Reinvention Method moves to target those “trouble” areas: 

1.   Best Arms: Drumming 

Drum the arms at a quick pace with the overhead bungees to fatigue the muscles, while lengthening and sculpting the arms. 

2.   Best Inner Thighs: Horseback 

Resist the bungees from overhead, while engaging the inner thighs and gluteus muscles to lift and hold the horseback position. This lengthens the waist, as well as and the shape of the outer and inner thighs. 

 3.   Best Core: Pikes 

Engaging your core helps lift the pedal and move the body into the perfect pike position, creating a well-toned and strong core.

 Throughout the week, CHAISE23 offers Ballet Bungee, a 45-minute class designed to challenge your core and get your heart pumping through quick and lively ballet-inspired moves, complete with bungees to sculpt your arms as if you danced for hours; Long and Lean, which takes chair work to a new level by challenging your muscles in sustained positions that sculpt and lengthen your body; Reinvention Chair, an effective way to build muscles, strength and even burn fat to your favorite beats; and Cardio Chair, an up-tempo class that combines high intensity cardio bursts with the defining characteristics of the reinvention chair.  

Ready to sign up? For a full schedule and more information, visit Chaise23.com. 

Intensify Your Training

Enjoy high intensity training? The Fhitting Room, a new full-body workout studio on Manhattan’s Upper East Side (1160 Lexington Avenue), could be just the place for you. 

The Fhitting Room’s signature functional high intensity mix (“FHIX”) integrates five essential building blocks of fitness – functional movements, strength training, high intensity intervals, total body focus and highly varied exercises – and intimate class sizes of 12 or fewer students for a more personal fitness experience designed to get results.

 Eric Salvador, head instructor at The Fhitting Room, creator of award-winning high intensity training (HIT) classes taught at New York Sports Clubs, CrossFit Coach and a Lululemon Ambassador, says a key benefit is “you can do it anywhere – at home, at a track, at a gym or outside in a park.”

BELLA asked Eric to share his top five HIT tips to keep you in tip-top shape for fall:

HIT Tip #1: To achieve the full benefits, “all-out” effort intervals – anywhere from 20 seconds to 2 minutes in duration – are required. If you are able to continue your effort for more than 2 minutes, you are not at a very high intensity. Shorter intervals should be completed for more sets. For example, do 8 sets of 20-second effort intervals, but a smaller number of 2-minute intervals. 

HIT Tip #2: Beginners should start with a 1:2 work-to-rest ratio and work towards a 1:1 work-to rest-ratio. The more advanced you are, the greater your ratio of work to rest should be. 

HIT Tip #3: Keep your workout fun, functional and varied. HIT can be applied to any type of exercise, such as cardio, strength, body weights, etc. You can implement equipment such as spin bikes, treadmills, rowers, kettlebells and dumbbells or simply perform bodyweight exercises such as burpees. You can mix and match these movements or select the one you like best on any given day. For example, one interval can be a 200-meter row followed by 20 kettlebell swings, and then rest or an interval can be sprinting or a set of burpees followed by rest. 

 HIT Tip #4: A complete HIT workout should be 10-20 minutes, plus a 5-minute warm up and 5-minute cool down. It should not be done for 60 minutes, like steady-state cardio. The main differentiator is that HIT requires recovery between intervals, so an intense pace can be maintained from one interval to the next. If you cannot achieve the same intensity from one interval to the next, increase rest time between intervals. Over time, set your goals on shortening your rest time and increasing the amount of work in the same amount of time.

HIT Tip #5: High intensity training is effective when those training push themselves out of their comfort zone. On a scale of 1-10, with one being “I can breathe easily” and 10 being “I cannot breathe,” a high intensity interval should put people at around an 8 on a scale of discomfort. Recovering from this oxygen deprivation requires extra energy from the body, which burns calories – even for hours post-exercise.

Want to take your fitness intensity to a higher level? Visit FhittingRoom.com for more information and a full class schedule.

Out and About – Restaurant Eating Without the Guilt

Love getting together with your friends for dinner and drinks? Hate how you feel the morning after? Watching your weight isn’t easy when it comes to eating in restaurants, but The Digest Dining Out Guide may have just the answer for your next outing.

Liz Vaccariello, author, editor-in-chief and chief content officer of Reader’s Digest, developed   The Digest Dining Out Guide with weight-watchers in mind. A companion to the Digest Diet, the Dining Out Guide provides details on how to eat healthily on the go – from fast food restaurants to coffee shops to your favorite sit-down spots. Featuring 60 national fast food and casual restaurant chains such as McDonald’s, Applebee’s, Panera Bread, Cosi, The Cheesecake Factory, Burger King, Starbucks, Subway and Chipotle, the guide gives an overview of more than 350 meals, providing the best choices and portable snack ideas for when you’re short on time.

 “Every day, I hear from readers who have lost weight and improved their health by following the lifestyle and plan of the Digest Diet,” says Vaccariello. “As a busy working mom, I know that cooking at home is not always possible. I don’t believe that you should have to give up on dinners out to stay on a diet.”

When it comes to fast food, Vaccariello says follow these tips to keep on track: 

Chipotle is a great option, since the dishes are prepared according to your request. Vaccariello says:

  • Stick to salad-based dishes and stay away from carb-loading on tacos and burritos.
  • Try the “Burrito Bowl,” which is essentially a salad with chicken on it. It’s filled with healthy fat releasers – romaine lettuce, chicken and black beans, which help steady blood sugar levels. You can even go ahead and top it with some cheese.

Subway is another fast food restaurant that lets you customize your order. Vaccariello says you should:

  • Easily turn a sandwich into a salad by skipping the bread. Make sure you’re getting protein and veggies.
  • Order the Turkey Breast Salad and the Veggie Delite Salad – pass on the croutons – this is loaded with healthy vegetables and proteins such as lettuce, tomato, onion, bell peppers, cucumbers, and olives.
  • Include add-ons such as avocado and extra turkey breast.

You can even stick to a healthy diet at a burger joint like Wendy’s. Your most reliable options are a burger patty or grilled chicken (skip the bun) paired with a side salad, she says. Here’s how to order:

  • Ask for the quarter-pound hamburger patty with lettuce, tomato and onion.
  • Request a side Caesar salad without the dressing or croutons.
  • Don’t forget your calcium! Top it off with 1% milk, which has two-thirds the calories of whole milk.

The Digest Diet Dining Out Guide ($9.99) is available at RD.com/DiningOutGuide and wherever books are sold. 

 Fitness and Fashion

Here are some fabulous, fashionable items to keep you stylish at the gym and on the go. 

Headed for a Fashion-Forward Workout? Handcandy, a new line of fashionable headphone accessories, lets you express yourself. Inspired by the fact that almost all headphones look alike, HandyCandy is available in two lines – DuneTunes, a surf and sand casual style, and LadyBuds, ranging from yoga comfort to cocktail dress cool. The handmade headphones not only look and sound great, but feature an in-line microphone for hands free talking for smartphone use; an audio pin compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod or MP3 players; magnets that hold the headphones on your neck; silicone earbuds for maximum comfort; and an extender for more length, if your phone or MP3 player is in your pocket or backpack. HandyCandy retails for $40 and can be found at UrbanOutfitters stores and online. HandyCandy.net.

Think Pink. Denon Electronics®, a premier manufacturer of high-quality home and personal audio products, is partnering with Susan G. Komen to offer new, special edition Exercise Freak In-Ear Headphones ($149) for National Breast Cancer Month in October. For each pair of the signature pink audio headphones sold, $12.30 of the sale goes directly to Komen to fund innovative research and global programs. The special edition headphones are available at select Denon dealers and online at ExerciseFreak.com.

Working Out Like a Champ! Keep warm and dry as you work out in cooler temperatures with new items from Champion Apparel. Don’t miss the Therma Quarter Zip ($45), a hoodie available in a variety of bright colors and made with Champion’s Vapor Technology – the harder you work, the faster you dry. The Ultimate Jacket ($75) features Champion’s Warm Control that packs in the heat without the added weight. The lightweight jacket also boasts an iridescent woven quilted shell at the front and back of the body, with brushed jersey sleeves and side panels. ChampionUSA.com.

Gearing Up for a Marathon? Get the official sneaker of the ING New York City Marathon – ASICS Marathon Kayano, available at Lady Foot Locker in September ($160).

Steal Your Boyfriend’s Look. Love your boyfriend’s favorite workout T-shirt, but not the condition you often find it in after he’s been to the gym? Now, you can get your own. Adidas’ Boyfriend Tee ($32) is available at Lady Foot Locker in September.  

Turn Back Time. Take a trip back to your childhood with this Vintage Jacket from Nike ($55), available at Lady Foot Locker in October.

Bringing Back the KITSCH. If your favorite rubber band doesn’t cut it at the gym, try something with a bit more style. KITSCH offers hair ties ($9.99 and up) in a variety of colors and styles to complement your workout gear. Prefer more coverage? Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev are said to swear by KITSCH headbands ($11.99 and up) to pull back their hair while working out. MyKITCSH.com.

 Skinny You, SkinnyMe. The first-ever, fashion accessory that can help you tone and strengthen your arms without even stepping foot in a gym, SkinnyMe Bangles ($34.99) weigh a half-pound each and are designed to be fashionable and functional. Add some resistance to your daily activities and get toned in the process. As a bonus, each and every SkinnyMe bangle is hand-painted. SkinnyMeFashion.com.

 Love Your Gloves. G-loves ($45) are functional, fashionable, lightweight, feminine gloves designed to help eliminate hand fatigue and fit the shape of your hand, while leaving your fingers free to grab weights, dumbbells or handlebars. Available in solid hues, including punchy colors with bright trim or contrasting trim; fun animal prints; camouflage and Americana prints, G-loves are made of lightweight Neoprene that breathes, wicks moisture and contours to your hand, and the no slip “action traction” grip enhances your workout satisfaction. Best of all, G-loves are washable: Just use a little soap and water and hang to dry. G-loves.com.

 Cycling Across America for Clean Water  

Some of us enjoy leisurely bike rides, while others – like 64-year-old Greg Hansen, Sr. and his 65-year-old brother-in-law, Dennis Moore – cycle across the country to raise money for clean water in Kenya.  

The pair, supported by Greg’s wife, Sueann, who drove the family’s RV on their journey, made the seven-week trek from San Diego to Staten Island, cycling approximately 3,200 miles through 14 states. 

Neither of the men were cyclists previous to this trip. They decided to take this journey last fall after Greg read a book called A Hole in Our Gospel, which talks about the urgent physical needs of so many in the world and the call to Christians to provide support and relief to those in need.  In all, they pedaled their way to $90,000 in donations to World Vision’s Kenya WASH program, which will build wells and provide clean water sources to villages in Kenya, minimizing child mortality rates and water borne diseases. 

Read more about Greg and Dennis’s journey across America and also make a donation to support this effort at CycleForCleanwater.com

 ~Gina LaGuardia

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