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Wellness Add-Ons you’ll love

By Gina LaGuardia

Sometimes it’s just that little something extra that can make your day, especially when it comes to your wellness. See for yourself…

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As a contact lens wearer, I never gave much thought to the sustainability of my saline solution and other eyecare products. I’d typically pop the bottles into my plastic recycling bins when I was done and call it a day. Who knew that the small plastic components within these products are actually too small to be recycled in standard programs? Thanks to Bausch + Lomb’s new Biotrue Eye Care Recycling Program in partnership with TerraCyle, the caps of my Biotrue Hydration Boost Eye Drops and Biotrue Hydration Plus Contact Solution, along with all those old lens cases I have hanging around, can be placed in any shipping box and sent off for proper recycling at no cost. Even better—every pound of recycled material in the program earns 100 points that can be redeemed as charitable gifts.

I’ve always had success with Isagenix products, which is why I was pleased to learn about its 7-Day Wellbeing Reset. This all-in-one sleek system, based on its 30-day weight loss program, helps you get back into the wellness lifestyle in just one week. Included are 12 IsaLean Shake Creamy Dutch Chocolate, 7 Adaptogen Elixir (a quick and tasty zip of energy!), 4 Cleanse for Life (their latest peach mango flavor is amazing!), 3 plant-based Snack Bites, and a comprehensive 7-Day reset guide. If you’re looking for a quick and convenient way to get maximum nutrition, while helping reset your system, offset daily stress and support natural detoxification, you’ll want to check the box to order this box. $175,

If your period has gotten in the way of your workouts, it may be time to check out into the period- and leak-proof clothing products we keep hearing so much about. Puma recently partnered with Modibodi to expand its line of leak-proof underwear into a range of leak-proof activewear. According to Erin Longin, global director of the running and training business unit at PUMA, items like their PUMA x MODIBODI Women’s 7/8 Leggings “make playing sport on your period more comfortable, more protected, and more possible than ever.” Modibodi’s proprietary Modifier Technology wicks moisture and sweat, while locking away fluid and odor without the discomfort of bulky disposables. We’re loving the fashionable functionality of these, especially the ones in aubergine/burnt red. $80,

We’re not 100% sold on the name—MILF—but the intention of one of M.O.O’s latest products is marvelous. Available in fun flavors (white chocolate mocha, cinna cereal, vanilla chai, hazelnut, and fruity cereal), this powder blend offers a quick and easy, mix-in-and-go option for your coffee, tea, or smoothies as it works to boost energy, increase muscle strength, and support muscle recovery for hot mamas who may not be feeling themselves due to typical (and annoying) hormonal fluctuations. $45,

Thanks to the innovation of companies like Pamela’s, gluten-free eating doesn’t have to compromise the taste of all your culinary favorites. It’s no wonder their glutenfree Honey Graham Crackers and Chocolate Brownie Mix are favorites even for those without food sensitivities. Yummy! $6.59-$7.59,


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