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What do you get when a 13-year-old wants to help his mom stay healthy and hydrated?

By Gina LaGuardia

The Define water bottle, a totally unique, chic container with a strainer-separated compartment at the bottom for fresh fruit that’s also BPA-free, Phosphate-free, estrogenic-activity-free and androgenic-activity-free. Oh and each of its three styles – Classic (with bamboo), Sport Twist Top and Sport Flip Top – is as durable and as effective as it is just plain cool. Better yet, the refreezable base piece keeps fruit cool all day and it’s a snap to keep clean, we promise. 

Fruit-Infuse Your Way to…
boosting your vitamin c intake: lime, oranges, grapefruit, berries
slower weight gain and prevention of the common cold: lemon
a flavorful remedy for an upset stomach: Fresh ginger and fresh mint are both refreshing flavorings as well as being good for upset stomachs.–

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