What Might Be The Cause Of Your Fatigue?

By Ella Woodward

Feelings of fatigue are fairly common. They can sometimes be resolved with nothing but a good night’s rest as well.

Of course, fatigue can be more than just tiredness for some people, and it can be a seriously debilitating issue that can hamper almost every part of your life. It can be an overwhelming experience, and support can sometimes be needed to break free from it.

There are also incidents where the cause of your fatigue may be less apparent. If you lead a busy lifestyle, there may be more than one cause for your low energy.

You may need to do some detective work to get the root of the problem and fix things. Read the suggestions below if you are having trouble identifying the reason behind your fatigue.

Have You Been Tested For Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Things like leaky gut syndrome are not frequently tested for or diagnosed. However, many people do suffer from the drawbacks of having it.

This condition involves the cellular wall of your gut breaking down. After that, harmful bacteria can ‘leak’ into your bloodstream, causing internal inflammation and multiple immune system reactions. Fatigue is among them. Visit a nutritionist and take an appropriate blood test to see if this could be behind your exhaustion.

There are other ways to combat a leaky gut problem too. Take a look at the Ruscio Institute’s guideon maintaining a healthy leaky gut diet. They can walk you through all the foods you should be consuming at each mealtime to improve things. Additionally, you will also find suggestions to accommodate any food insensitivities, so there are solutions in store for everyone here.

How Do You Perceive the Coronavirus?

The pandemic has gripped the world for over a year now. It has been on everybody’s lips and the subject of much news coverage worldwide.

Though things seem to be getting better now vaccines are on the scene, vigilance is still required. After all, experts have warned people not to give in to COVID-19 fatigue, imploring the public to follow the appropriate guidelines.

Understandably, you may be tired of hearing mention of the coronavirus. While you should not live in ignorance, it may be worth occasionally distancing yourself from news on the illness here and there. After all, once you have the latest guidance in hand, there is no need to keep engaging with news and reports that mimic the same information repeatedly.

If you are unlucky, contracting the virus may inflict you with long-term fatigue. Do you remember having COVID-19? Were you ever formally tested and diagnosed? It may be worth ironing out some details here to see if you can attribute your exhaustion to the disease.

Is The Quality Of Your Sleep Good?

It is not enough to simply go to sleep when combatting fatigue. It would help if you had a reliable schedule so that your body can be accustomed to a set routine.

Some people even struggled to sleep during the pandemic quarantines, despite having more time spent at home. Anxieties kept them from resting fully and thus failed to stick to a strong rhythmic sleep pattern.

How can you improve the quality of your sleep? Try the following:

  • Increasing your exposure to natural light.
  • Refraining from eating, or drinking any caffeine or alcohol, in the evenings.
  • Reducing the number of naps you take in a day.
  • Visiting a healthcare professional for input on potential sleep disorders.
  • Get a healthy amount of exercise daily.

You should also take steps to create a more relaxing bedroom. Do not shy away from updating pillows and mattresses. You could also play some soothing ambient sounds to lull you into a state of relaxation. Tailor your sleep schedule to your liking so that your needs are met.

Are You Stretching Around Your Exercise Schedule?

There is a proper way to sleep, and there is also an appropriate way to exercise. If you rush into things, you may be doing more harm to your body than good.

Balance is needed here. After all, you do not want to tire yourself out early by just doing stretches. The intensity of your preparation should be relative to your level of experience and fitness. You can always build your approach over time for a more ambitious plan.

Jumping jacks, quad stretches, and lunges will do an excellent job of loosening up your body before your regime. Moreover, consider doing some yoga post-exercise, with a downward dog pose being enough to suffice. This will ensure your body does not seize up after your routine.

Exercise can also help people who suffer from chronic fatigue. Yoga and pilates should help significantly. Alternate your activities and set achievable goals so that you can feasibly make progress under those circumstances.

Does Your Workplace Treat Staff Well?

Being tired from work is to be expected on occasion. However, some workplaces can implement policies that are almost abusive in nature.

Many bosses in the U.S. enforce gruelling working conditions on their workers, so you need to try and be aware of these circumstances. Do not attribute these circumstances to being bouts of bad luck you cannot change.

It could be a good idea to communicate your workload concerns with your manager. You could band together with your colleagues should they feel the same. Collaborate on a list of your complaints and present them as a group. Try to frame things from an angle of productivity. For example, if you are all less fatigued from an overbearing schedule, you may each produce better quality work.

If you do not feel you are being listened to, formal complaints to HR or finding a new job entirely may be best for your well-being. Many people are dismissive of their fatigue in these situations, but your well-being must come first if you reach a breaking point.


Some people can treat their fatigue as little more than a mild and expected annoyance. However, by investigating the matter further, you may unveil numerous other problems that pose a risk to you. Consult some experts and get to know what your needs are. The more in tune you are with your body, the more likely it is that you can combat your fatigue.


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