What to Consider When Planning a Bachelor Party

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By Ella Woodward

When it comes to planning and hosting a bachelor party, there is no shortage of ideas to consider. If you’ve been tasked with planning a bachelor party for a friend or relative, there are lots of factors to keep in mind including the best time of year to hold it, where to hold it, and which activities to do. Florida, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas are some popular bachelor party locations, and depending on the people you’re going with, there are plenty of great activities to do including pub or bar crawling, visiting casinos, clubbing, outdoor activities, carnivals, spending time at the beach, and much more. A bachelor party is traditionally a time to relax and have fun as the groom celebrates his final single days. So, what can you do to plan a bachelor party that’s fun and memorable for the groom and everybody else involved?

Where to Go

The first thing to consider is where the bachelor party is going to be held. Where you go will likely depend on a number of different factors including what activities you want to do as part of the party, and who you are going to invite, so keep these factors in mind too. You might find it easier to go somewhere local if you are inviting friends and relatives who can’t get much time off work or have families that they need to get back to, for example. On the other hand, a fun-filled weekend away might be just the right option if you’re inviting a group of single guys or everybody is able to get enough time off from work to attend. Check out Greenvelope for some great bachelor party ideas.

Put a Guest List Together

It’s a good idea to keep the number of participants to a minimum when planning a bachelor party. You will need to make sure that everybody is accommodated for, which can be harder when you have a large group of people. Usually, around 8-10 people comprising of the groom’s family and close friends is an ideal number. Before you finalize your guest list, check with the groom when it comes to who they want to invite, as the last thing that you want is to invite somebody that they would rather not have there. Make sure that none of the guests have any issues with the groom or anybody else who is coming along; the last thing that you want is for the celebration to end badly. You might also want to consider asking some of the bride’s male relatives to attend.

Choosing a Date

Contrary to popular belief, the bachelor party is probably best not held a few days or the night before the wedding day. Having the bachelor party too soon before the wedding can lead to unnecessary stress between the couple as the groom won’t be there to finalize all the details of the wedding. Instead, the ideal time to host the bachelor party is around a month before the big day. There are a few other factors to consider when choosing the right date, too, including finding a date that doesn’t collide with a popular vacation weekend or public holiday. It’s also worth finding out more about your guests or having a conversation with them to determine which dates are likely going to work best for everybody. Give at least three weeks’ notice when sending out invitations; this will give you some time to make adjustments if needed.

Determine the Budget

Before you decide where to stay for the bachelor party, how long it’s going to last for and which activities you are going to take part in, it’s a good idea to have a firm budget in mind. Bear in mind that not everybody will have the same amount of money to spend. To keep things fair, you may want to discuss budget requirements with all the guests and find out how much they had in mind when it comes to how much they want to pay. Once you have this figure, you will then find it easier to come up with bachelor party plans that everybody can comfortably afford.

Planning Bachelor Party Activities

Planning the itinerary is one of the most important parts of hosting and putting together a bachelor party. Ideally, you want everything to go as smoothly as possible, so it’s a good idea to get everybody together to come up with ideas and help you map the activities out. Try to find fun and memorable things to do that you will still be laughing about in a few years’ time. Remember that not everybody is going to find the same things fun, so it might take a bit of negotiating to find some activities that are going to be enjoyable for everybody, which is the most important thing.

Find Somewhere to Stay

Whether you’re planning the bachelor party over one day and night or are considering booking a weekend away somewhere to celebrate, finding somewhere to stay is always important. The night might get a little bit out of hand as everybody celebrates, so make sure that there’s a room nearby where you can go and rest and sleep in peace after a day and night of partying. Check out sites like Airbnb or book a hostel room that has enough beds for all of you if you are hoping to keep things on a budget.

Consider COVID19 Safety

While the world is getting back to normal after the COVID19 pandemic, it’s important to remember that there is still a risk of catching the virus, which is another good reason to hold the bachelor party a few weeks before the wedding – the last thing that you need is the big day to be postponed if the groom gets COVID. When planning the bachelor party, there are a few things that you can do to keep everybody safe including getting some spare masks and small hand sanitizer bottles for people to take and researching venues to see how they are handling social distancing. Get everybody to take a lateral flow test before attending the bachelor party for peace of mind. Those who are serious about going might want to self-isolate for a week or so before to make sure that there is a very little chance of them having COVID19 and spreading it around throughout the celebrations.

Assign Somebody as the Responsible One

If your bachelor party plans involve clubbing, drinking, and visiting casinos, then it’s a good idea to assign somebody to be the responsible one. Ask around to see who is happy to do this – it’s their job to make sure that everybody, especially the groom, is having fun while making sure that nothing that could put the future wedding at risk, or cause harm to anybody, happens. Often this is something that the best man will take on as a responsibility, but it could be the groom’s dad, big brother, or another friend. Just make sure that they are happy to be babysitter before you assign them as such!

Whether the groom’s idea of fun is white water rafting or getting wasted in a club, keep these steps in mind when planning a memorable bachelor party for a friend or relative.

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