What's Trending Now: On-Demand Training With The TRN App That Delivers Elite Trainers to Your Doorstep

Thanks to smartphones, you can order a bag of groceries, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, and even score yourself a Friday night date without ever getting off the couch. Now Greg Peters and Pat Manocchia, the creators of the new TRN app, are using this convenient technology to get you OFF your sofa and working out!  Just download TRN onto your phone and you’ll get on-demand access to qualified specialists who will help you work out when, where and how you want with a customized fitness session based on your needs. You can choose from an activity (pilates, yoga, training, and swimming) and then a trainer will show up at your doorstep and get you moving!

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The other week, I got to take a yoga class with Kevin Yang at LA PALESTRA’s swanky Plaza Hotel location, and then interview the co-founder of TRN, Greg Peters.

Greg Peters, Co-Founder of TRN

How did you get into fitness?

Greg Peters: I played Division I collegiate level football and was always extremely passionate about fitness. After spending some time with Pat, I was inspired by his infectious passion for helping people improve their lives through health and fitness. So much so that I decided to decline a job offer on Wall Street and instead decided to work as a personal trainer at LA PALESTRA under Pat’s guidance.


How did you come up with the idea for the TRN app?

Greg Peters: My vision in founding TRN was to make the personalization part of the LA PALESTRA experience available to a broader range of time-pressed people. Our goal is to ensure that our members achieve the same level of success with their fitness that they have achieved in other areas of their lives. Busy New Yorkers and Californians often struggle to find the time to work out consistently, or effectively enough to achieve the results they truly desire. TRN solves that problem.

Greg Peters and Pat Manocchia, Founders of TRN
Greg Peters (left) and Pat Manocchia (right), Founders of TRN

What sets TRN apart from other fitness services out there on the market?

Greg Peters:

  • We took a brick and mortar fitness concept and methodology, simplified it, while keeping the core disciplines of on demand service, convenience and professional trainers.
  • TRN provides immediate access to elite level personal training across four disciplines – training, yoga, pilates, and swimming – and now also nutrition guidance thanks to our partnership with Brown & Medina Nutrition, one of the most comprehensive private practices in the tri-state area.
  • TRN also provides fitness services to luxury condo buildings, hotels and corporations in NYC.
  • TRN is not providing entertainment. This is not a fad. Our specialists provide a personal and convenient approach to health and fitness.


What should potential clients consider when selecting a personal trainer on the app? 

Greg Peters: Members should consider logistics first and foremost. Success in training is based on attendance. When you make your schedule you must consider training a long term commitment, so looking through your schedule and selecting a day & time that you are least likely to cancel is a great start. Once you have determined the optimal time for you the next step is selecting your Specialist. TRN has done all of the heavy lifting already; through our vetting process we guarantee the quality of service and level of knowledge of each Specialist. Members have access to Specialist bio’s and a personal video which allows you to listen to what each Specialist has to offer. Building a relationship based on trust and accountability is key and takes time and we do everything we can to make the probability of this relationship forming high. Our Directors are always standing by to help you with your selection process.

How did you pick the trainers for TRN? What was the selection process like?

Greg Peters: Each TRN Specialist is handpicked and qualified through an extensive vetting process detailed below. Through the top notch qualification standards, TRN guarantees elite trainers at your fingertips who are equal parts professional, challenging, and accommodating.  All of TRN’s specialists are at the top of their fields, with a high level of expertise that will teach users the best, most effective exercise techniques, tailored to the individual through mindfulness, logic and credibility.

Our vetting process consists of:

  • Resume Screening
  • Phone Interview
  • In person audition with the TRN team
  • Full background check
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Proof of AED/CPR Certifications

TRN with trainers

What are the biggest challenges that people face when trying to keep up with a fitness plan? What advice can you share about how to overcome these challenges?

Greg Peters: The “all or nothing approach” is a very typical mindset for many people who exercise. If they are not doing it all the time, then its not worth it. The key is to stay consistent and make your health and fitness part of your life. People face so many challenges each day at work and at home so its important to view exercise as a positive activity to help cope with all of the stressors.

Set short term attainable goals. “I am going to get to the gym twice this week.” It may seem like so little but if your starting point is “no days” then you are making progress. We built TRN to help make this process easier for the member facing these challenges. A Specialist who is there to encourage, educate and problem solve as it relates to your health & fitness is why we built TRN.

For more details, visit TRN’s website: www.trnme.com and download the app  here.

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