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Whether You Are #WithHer or #WithHim, Here's where to Eat, Drink and Watch this Election Night!

Exercise your right to have a good time on Tuesday, November 8.  If you are looking for the best spot to eat, drink and watch this crazy night The Rock Center Café is the perfect spot for you. With prime rinkside views of Democracy Plaza, where an outlined map of the United States lights up the center of The Rink and turns each state red or blue in real-time as votes are called for each candidate #USA. How more involved can you possibly feel?!

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Whether you are #withHer or #withHim, sip on one of their specialty cocktails, The Hillary or The Donald for $12. The Hillary features Dorothy Parker Gin, Blue Curacao, Solerno, tonic, and lemon, while The Donald has Grey Goose, pomegranate liqueur and juice, and lemon. For those w ho have yet to make up their minds, no worries- there is The Undecided cocktail as well, made with citrus rum, acai liqueur, coconut rum, white cranberry juice, club soda, and lemon. Colors don’t matter when there are cocktails!

No need to fret, Rock Center Café is ready to fill those empty stomach’s with a $39 three-course prix fixe meal including entrees: The Campaign Trail Chicken, Uncle Sam’s Atlantic Salmon, The All-American Skirt Steak, and Potus Harvest Platter. For those looking to w(h)ine and dine, come join us in raising a glass to the candidates as we all cheers to the end of the election cycle 2016!! Let’s all go out in style and drink to democracy.

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