Why Dog Owners are the Sexiest Type of People


Dogs are wonderful companions because they’re cute, loyal, and they love unconditionally. When you take a step back and look up, the same can often be said about their owners. Why should you be dating a dog person? Dig – The Dog Person’s Dating App says these are 7 reasons why dog-lovers are ideal partners:


1. Confident– Dog owners exude confidence. They are naturally playful and not afraid to speak baby-voiced compliments to their four-legged friend in any public setting. You’d have a date who’s not afraid to loudly coo, “you are the most beautiful princess in the whole world” outside your local café. An added bonus, dog lovers manage to rock the disheveled sexy look, (think Kate Moss circa 1996 or if you’re into vampires, Edward Cullen) while wearing dog hair covered clothes and slobbered on shoes.


2. Sensitive– Dog lovers are not afraid to show their soft side. They will openly sob at the end of Marley and Me and readily melt at the sound of a pupper doing a heckin’ bork. Dog owners’ emotional openness will strengthen their human relationships and ability to communicate. They’re more in tune to body language and any signs of distress.


3. Active– Like their furry counterparts, dog owners are more likely to be active and full of energy. Puppy parents are fans of fetch, long walks, and hilly hikes. Being this lively ensures your dog-obsessed date will have the stamina for your favorite activities – out on an adventure or in the bedroom.
4. Willing to Commit– Taking on the responsibility of a fur baby is a serious commitment. So, you know dog owners won’t get cold feet once things start to get serious. In general, dog owners are less likely to booty call at 2 AM when they don’t want to disturb the sleeping pup curled up beside them. Also, if you’re with the dog enough to form a real bond, the dog person wants to be sure you’ll stick around. They don’t want you breaking their dog’s heart, either.


5. Not Needy– Just because dog owners are willing to commit doesn’t mean they are suffocating. If you need your own space, just let them know. While you watch the game at the bar or have a movie night with friends, your dog person partner will always have their first love to snuggle with back at home.


6. Social- Dog people tend to be social, and social people are typically more successful. So, not only will your dog-loving date be easygoing at parties with your friends, but they’ll be great to introduce to your parents, too! They can take over conversations with awkward dog-park acquaintances while you try to remember Bella the bulldog’s mom’s name.


7. Chill– Dog people are more content with whatever. With their pup at their side, they can be just as happy to stay in to binge watch 30 Rock or explore new hiking trails. The dog may dictate whether it’s a lazy Sunday or time for an adventure. Going with the flow is part of a dog owner’s job, and it’s part of their charm.


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