Wipe Away The Day

Do you look like LAST WEEK?

Every single night, one of your priorities should be to clean your face…and I mean really CLEAN it.

First things first, show some darn gratitude to your face for even surviving another day of being totally exposed to dirt, grime, pollutants, toxins, bacteria, second-hand smoke, your filthy cellphone, and dirty hands (this list goes on trust me).

Second thing. Take time to truly access your day so that you can make the best decision and plan your course of action for the level of cleaning your face needs.  Example: Did you spend most of the day in NYC getting around town in subways? OR Did you spend a quiet day at the park reading and catching up on your emails?

See the difference?

Third thing.  Get to work! After you made your final assessment on the level of cleaning your face needs –> take action!

Level 1 (Basic Cleaning) – cleanser, toner, moisturizer

Level 2 – detoxing mask, cleanser, toner, moisturizer

Level 3 – detoxing mask, exfoliator (scrub), cleanser, toner, moisturizer

Level 4 – detoxing mask, cleanser, toner, moisturizer, vitamin c serum

Level 5 (Hardcore!) – steam face with hot towel, cleanser, toner,, moisturizer, vitamin c serum

Yes, this is serious business.

But the thing is, I care about your beauty and I need you to meet me half-way so that you look your best every day.

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