Women Leading the Way in Sustainability

A few short years ago the term sustainability was often used for marketing purposes only. Thankfully, that is no longer the case as brands have prioritized their sustainable initiatives as part of their ethos for being. Eco-conscious consumerism is still evolving, but we see only a bright horizon ahead of us.

Here are a few wonderful women and their sustainable creations worthy of support.

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PlantOGram started in the backyard of co-founder, VICKY POPAT. After finding joy in planting beautiful trees and plants, she realized what a gift it would be to give and receive plants instead of flowers. There is health and happiness where plants and trees are planted, whether in a flowerpot of a NYC apartment or a yard in Idaho. Prices starting at $56, PlantOGram.com

MARCI ZAROFF coined and trademarked the word “ecofashion” in the 90s and has changed the way most of us look at sustainability and the fashion industry. YesAnd is her vision, bringing together both style and sustainability so we can all wear the change we wish to see. Prices vary, JoinYesAnd.com

JILL ROWE is on a mission to slow people down, so they may enjoy the process of beauty. Her brand, Cultivate Apothecary, is a lovely line of beauty products that utilizes most of the ingredients she grows on her farm, Stonegate in New York. In the quickly changing beauty world, Jill knows that utilizing nature takes time and that even though cultivating sustainable farming practices is arduous, that is ultimately where the true beauty resides. Prices starting at $50, CultivateApothecary.com

Ahimsa was founded by pediatrician and mom DR. MANASA MANTRAVADI, so her inspiration comes as no surprise. When she heard about the impact of plastic on kids’ bodies, as well as hormone disruption, ADHD, etc.—and no solution—she created one herself inspired by tableware used by her Indian family for generations. It’s stainless steel, so unlike plastic, harmful chemicals won’t transfer into your child’s food. Prices starting at $44, AhimsaHome.com

SUZAN HERNANDEZ is tackling the oral care industry head-on with an eco-friendlier option thanks to her brand, MamaP. The bamboo toothbrush uses 95% less plastic than most drugstore brands. The handle and packaging are compostable, and the brand is carbon neutral. Prices starting at $8, MamaP.Life

BECKY HARRIS of Catoctin Creek Distillery is utilizing solar not only for themselves but for the community. Their fully solar whiskey-making plant offsets about 85% of its electrical usage. This leads to burning less coal and natural gas. On very sunny days, the solar plant generates the equivalent of five households of electricity and actually returns energy to the public grid for others to use. Prices vary, CatoctinCreekDistilling.com

Lake & Skye believes in creating fragrance as a force for wellness. Not only are the company’s collections beautiful, they also smell incredible, and most importantly aren’t harmful to us or the planet. COURTNEY SOMER ensures that her products are safe for the people making them and enjoying them, as well as for our waterways. As she says, it’s all a living system. Prices starting at $24, LakeandSkye.com

The Della Terra mission is to continuously work toward sustainability and fight climate change, which is why all their shoes and boots are sustainably made. Company founder, EMILY LANDSMAN, uses vegan and ecologically recycled materials that include renewable plant sources such as pineapple, corn, grape seed, and castor, and are developed using low environmental impact production processes without the use of solvents and harmful substances. Prices starting at $74, DellaTerraShoes.com


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