Women Owned Hair Care Brand: Jacky Mizrachi & Original Blends Styling Gel

Jacky Mizrachi is the mastermind behind Original Blends Styling Gel. This top of the line product is a health conscious styling aid formulated with vegan and non-toxic ingredients such as soy protein and flaxseed, to give the hair a polished look by moisturizing and nourishing it with each use. 

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After growing up in Tijuana, Mexico and moving to San Diego California, Jacky came to a point in life where her kids were moving past babyhood and she wanted to launch a business. One day on her drive to the grocery store, her mind started whirring over the idea of leaving her commercial real estate job to pursue creating her own company. It couldn’t be just any business, in order to be successful she knew that she needed to feel fully connected to whatever brand she would start. 

The idea that kept coming back to Jacky was her favorite hair gel sourced from Tijuana. She adored how it was made with non-toxic ingredients and without alcohol. Jacky also enjoyed how it made hair soft and moisturized, while keeping frizz under control. It wasn’t flaky, itchy, scratchy, or crunchy, yet had a strong hold. And, she loved how it made styling her children’s hair fuss-free and every family member liked using it. Because there was nothing close to it in the United States, she saw it would fill a gap in the beauty market and provide people with a hair gel curated with natural and purer ingredients. 

Later that year, Jacky received her first product shipment and launched Original Blends Styling Gel to the U.S. market! Today, she continues to expand her business which can be found on their brand website, on Amazon, and in salons and other shops across the nation. 


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