Work and wear your Wellness Goals

Not long ago, wellness wearables typically consisted of only a heart rate monitor and band, and were mostly worn by hard-core athletes, or they came as a watch that also tracked your steps. In a very short period of time, the wellness world has exploded, bringing with it the opportunity for all of us to enjoy wellness devices in new and unique ways.

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Like all of you, the BELLA team loves to find new fun ways to get active, including connecting with tools that help us stayactive. After the tough year we have had, it’s no wonder more and more of us are ready to jump off of the couch and into new wellness routines.

Here are a few of our favorite products that have helped us monitor our heart rate and also relax. We hope you enjoy a few of our must-haves this season and that they motivate you, too, to enter into a new and improved mindful wellness space.

Ear seeding has taken off over the past three years as a new way to practice traditional Chinese medicine.VIE HEALING CALM 24K GOLD EAR SEEDS takes it to a new level. When these seeds are placed in different acupressure spots within the ear, it stimulates the reflex centers of the brain to soothe a multitude of symptoms. This practice is known as auriculotherapy.

$34 and up,

FITBIT LUXE is the newest fashion-forward product just added to the Fitbit family of wearables. Luxe not only tracks your daily steps, it also gives you access to key weekly health metrics in the Fitbit app to help you identify changes in your well-being like increased stress, fatigue, or potential signs of illness.

$149.95 and up,

We are electromagnetic beings, so HAPBEE, a circular ring you can wear around your neck or on your head like a cap, taps into our fields to align with the moods we wish to connect with. Hapbee utilizes proprietary ultra-low frequency energy technology that distributes specific magnetic fields to produce distinct mood-altering signals. Choose from relaxation, focus, happiness, sleepiness, and more.

$299 and up,

HANDIGURU, a super comfortable watch-like wearable, is a lightweight, 20ml refillable silicone wristband designed to carry a variety of gels and lotions for easy, on-the-go access. This is great for those chasing the sun this summer and making sure that sunscreen is never out of reach. It’s also perfect for hand sanitizer.


LOOP EXPERIENCE allows us to tune out the unwanted and tune into what soothes you. As we know, there is a lot of noise in our lives, and Loop allows us to lessen that which we don’t wish to hear. Loop’s patented acoustic channel imitates the length of your ear canal, allowing you to reduce noise by 4x while staying alert and not blocking all noise.

Prices vary,

OURA RING is a beautiful fashion-forward ring that’s sure to become one of your new favorite accessories this summer. This high-tech ring has sensors on the inside band that track your biometric data to provide personalized insights. Sync the app to get the best results to understand exactly what your body needs and get scores on your goals for what you might need right now, like deeper sleep. It needs charging every 5-7 days, and is great for men and women.

Prices start at $299,

EMILY ROSE GEMS allow you to use crystals and gem stones—often used for their healing properties—to set intentions for the day. Their collection of rings, bracelets, and necklaces are adorned with specific crystals to aid in your wellness journey. The rings are crafted with large crystals so you can feel and touch the uniqueness of each one. The Smokey Quartz, which promotes balance, calm, and grounding, is our favorite!

Prices vary,


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