Yemi Alade Kicks Off Spring with Highly Anticipated New Single “My Man”

With four albums, one EP and many successful singles such as Johnny, Shekere, Africa, Oh My Gosh, Ferrari, Na Gode, or Bum Bum under her belt, Yemi Alade is the number one Afropop female artist on the African continent. Now, Yemi Alade is kicking off spring with a pre-summer anthem, My Man, featuring Kranium, the star behind the hit “Nobody Has To Know.”

The collaboration brings together the propulsive rhythms and a jazz signature often found in Afrobeats, along with a mid-tempo melody and heartbeat rhythm that is often the core of Jamaican reggae music. The melodic symphony explores love, intimacy, and loyalty as Yemi Alade shares, “I kept getting asked what my ideal man would look like during interviews. I admit, it’s easier to follow my imagination and describe physical features of “Prince Charming” but in reality, my ideal man goes beyond physical appearances, so I decided to write a song about what a real woman in the real world desires.”

Yemi Alade is a Nigerian singer and songwriter with many talents, including an actress and all-around entertainer. Nicknamed “Mama Africa” by virtue of her love for her African heritage and the continent at large, Yemi Alade is also revered for her electrifying performing art that has seen her perform not only for thousands of fans in stadiums across Africa, stages in Europe and the United States of America but also for exclusive audiences such as the United Nations.  Global Citizen and the British royal family, to name a few.

She is twice nominated for the BET Awards for Best International Act in Africa (2015 and 2016), twice nominated for the MOBO Awards for Best International Act in 2014 and 2015, and consecutive winner of the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAA) for Best Woman 2015 and 2016.

Yemi Alade is also the first African female Afropop star to reach more than 100 million views on YouTube and VEVO with her hit single “Johnny,” which is now the most-watched video by an African female pop star.

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