You Need to Try Kassi Club, and Here’s Why…

Have you ever craved a meal weeks after having it? I have. After visiting Kassi Club, a vibrant lounge and restaurant in West Hollywood, I knew that my taste buds would never be the same.

Brought to you by the Wish You Were Here Group, the guys that brought you Elephante, The Eveleigh, Ruby’s Cafe and Dudley’s; Kassi Club was inspired by WYWHG’s founder and lead designer Nick Mather Greek travels, “The inspiration for Kassi Club comes from my travels to Greece, more specifically numerous trips to the island of Kastellorizo. I love the food and culture in Greece, and especially the decor and details found in the small tavernas right on the sand near the water. I wanted to transcend this atmosphere to LA.”

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And transcend they did. The warm, friendly, intimate venue is truly like nowhere else in West Hollywood, when you walk through the inconspicuous doors you are immediately shocked at what’s inside. Stucco walls, surfaces with stone from Ithaca, rattan ceiling and teak wood shutters that can either open the space up or close for a more personal feeling. “The vibe is warm and friendly,” says Mathers, “touches of Greek accents like ceramics, leather and wood seating, and a stunning macrame wall fixture that was made by hand.” 

The menu, which includes fresh produce and is heavily seafood based, gives a nod to traditional Greek dishes like Lamb and a [incredible, mouthwatering] Meze Mix but takes a more sustainable and rustic approach with fresh ingredients Wish You Were Here Group’s Culinary Director Thomas Lim tried while in Greece.

Another favorable fact about the menu, it’s made for sharing. The delicious Meze Mix accompanied by the crudites (pickled and delicious) and the pita (fresh, warm and fluffy) are great for starters. Follow up the Salt and Pepper Calamari with tzatziki and the Spankopita with green chilli sauce and finish with Grilled Broccolini and…the star and my most missed dish… Crab Bucatini. Lim’s suggestion? The Salt Baked Branzino, “because anything baked in salt is delicious and it’s a great size to share with a group.” 

And we can’t forget about drinks! The bar area, which gets quite crowded at night, has an exquisite selection of cocktails and wines. “My favorite cocktail is the Evil Eye,” says Wish You Were Here Group’s Bar Director Julien Calella, “I love bittersweet cocktails. The Negroni being the ultimate classic expression of this. I love Negronis with mezcal the evil eye plays on this concept with the hint of smoke I love from mezcal, and an earthy bitterness from the bruto americano all tied together with fruit and citrus coming from the Cocchi americano and touch of Metaxa.” 

Whether you’re dining, or hanging out by the fireplace, you feel home, you feel welcome, you feel fulfilled. Kassi Club is much more than a restaurant, much more than a lounge, it’s a true destination for locals and visitors alike. 

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