Your Guide to Seven Fabulous Days in Bermuda

Bermuda is open for business, and travelers can expect the red carpet treatment the moment they arrive in this tropical paradise. After all, Bermudians have long been known for their gracious hospitality and welcoming nature. Officials throughout the island have developed a complete list of guidelines and protocols that are being taking on island to ensure safety of locals and visitors. These can be found here.

For a mesmerizing experience that you’ll always cherish on an island that boasts a unique blend of British and American culture, the following week-long agenda can serve as your guide.

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Awarding Beach- Horseshoe Bay- Famous Pink Sand Beach in Bermuda- Best Beaches in the World- Beach is shaped like an horseshoe. Can be reach- but public transportation/

DAY 1: Relax on Bermuda’s Beaches

Since Bermuda is home to some of the world’s greatest beaches, guests will definitely want to sink their toes in the legendary pink sand. Horseshoe Bay Beach is one of the most popular choices. If searching for something a little more secluded, head to Jobson’s Cove, a photogenic sliver of pink and blue framed by steep, jagged cliffs.

DAY 2: Take on Bermuda’s Adventure Offerings

Spend the morning taking a cycle ride filled with island history and rich, flora-filled landscapes. The 18-mile Railway Trail is named for the transit route that once wrapped around the island. Today, it’s the perfect cycling adventure, leading to intimate beaches, panoramic ocean views and remnants of the past like an old drawbridge. After the long bike ride, rock climb and cliff jump at Admiralty House Park & Clarence Cove, the prime island locale for deep-water solo rock climbing and home to some amazing caves that the British military carved in the 1800s.

DAY 3: Take a Look into Bermuda’s Art & History

Once known as the Gibraltar of the West, the Royal Naval Dockyard was a symbol of Royal Naval might in the Western Atlantic for more than 150 years. You could spend a whole day exploring here. Dive into maritime history at the National Museum of Bermuda, which is home to ‘The Hall of History’ exhibit. Tracing the 500-year human history of Bermuda, local artist Graham Foster’s grand mural has captured the imagination of all ages, telling the island’s story with vibrant detail, irreverent humor and poignant observations.

DAY 4: Explore Bermuda’s Hidden Gems

Discover Bermuda’s very own jungle. The Hidden Gems Nature Hike takes you deep into the heart of the Walsingham Nature Reserve. Guests will hike through lush green trails, swim in gorgeous blue waters and explore subterranean caves. Afterwards, visit Bermuda’s Crystal Caves, which feature soaring stalagmites and icicles of white limestone dripping from the ceiling. Cross the floating bridge to peer into a crystal-clear lake, which reveals more intricate rock formations underwater.

DAY 5: Spend a Day On & In the Water

The sparkling turquoise ocean that surrounds Bermuda isn’t just hypnotic to look at – the island is a serious sport fishing destination, with waters filled with big-game catches like marlin, tuna and wahoo. A jet-ski tour around the island is an automatic adrenaline rush, as you zoom across the blue to secluded beaches, hidden coves and sunken ships. Bermuda is a magical undersea playground for divers. Beneath the waves are amazing shipwrecks such as The Constellation. Bermuda is known as the shipwreck capitol of the world with more than 300 shipwrecks surrounding the island. Dive Bermuda or Blue Water Divers & Watersports can help arrange diving adventures full of famous shipwrecks, reefs and underwater adventure.

DAY 6: Indulge in Culinary Favorites

A culinary diamond in the rough, Bermuda serves up tastes only found on island. From fish chowder infused with black rum and sherry peppers to Portuguese donuts served alongside a traditional codfish breakfast, Bermuda offers a sumptuous menu. The island brings fresh and bold flavors to the table. Notable restaurants to check out include: Village Pantry for breakfast and one of their famous coffees; Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy for a Bermuda Fish Sandwich; Devil’s Isle for their new handmade pastas; Swizzle Inn for Bermuda’s signature cocktail the Rum Swizzle.

DAY 7: Tee Time

With more courses per square mile than anywhere else, Bermuda is a true golfer’s paradise. The crescent-shaped 16th hole at Port Royal Golf Course is one of the finest par threes in golf. If golfers want to conquer it, they’ll need nerves of steel. A vast, rocky ravine separates the tee and green, with nothing but the Atlantic Ocean below. Another notable course on island is the Belmont Hills Golf Course, which will reopen to golfers on July 29.


At cliff’s edge perched above Bermuda’s southern shore, The Loren at Pink Beach is one of Bermuda’s most popular hotels. The property was designed for the immersed and engaged for an authentic connection to the island. Each modern and casually sophisticated, The Loren offers spacious accommodations such as oceanfront suites and villas for those who may want a more secluded, private stay. Panoramic sea views surround the hotel and an attentive staff sees to the needs of each guest. The property also offers delicious cuisine, a spa, local experiences and more. Chef Tim Sullivan and his team exceed expectations with menus incorporating sustainable, seasonal and local ingredients into innovative dishes.


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