You’re So Golden: Yoga and Art Collide with This New Equinox Series

Immersive art installations are popping up like never before. Thanks to the success of Immersive Van Gogh, those looking for a uniquely spiritual and artistic experience have more opportunities than ever before, including the recently opened Hall des Lumières. Now permanently open inside the historic Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank right near city hall, Hall des Lumières is currently showcasing Gustav Klimt: Gold In Motion. The multisensory experience celebrates Klimt’s most iconic golden and revolutionary work

But perhaps even more exciting, Equinox is partnering up with the team at Hall des Lumières to bring an original 6-week yoga series featuring a 45-minute art-infused vinyasa yoga flow class, all while surrounded by the space’s inaugural installation. The class aims to link movement and breath through flowing sequences aligning with the custom-designed multi-sensory experience. The awe-inspiring classes allow guests to take a moment to themselves, breathe in, and take in the 30-foot-high displays from the celebrated artist, along with a relaxing, synchronized music soundtrack.

“As a luxury fitness and lifestyle company, we are inspired by our commitment to provide our members with unparalleled cultural experiences that enrich their lives.  We’re seeing a strong desire and demand for people to be back together in our clubs and always strive to support our community with experiences that transcend fitness and Equinox’s own spaces,”explains Judy Taylor, SVP of Communications, Events & Philanthropy at Equinox.

“We are especially thrilled to create an immersive class experience at the historical 49 Chambers Street with Hall des Lumières. Our members will be able to interact with art and music through movement in a space that elevates their personal connection to them, creating a truly immersive experience across culture they otherwise may not have access to. New Yorkers are undoubtedly known for seeking opportunities that enhance their lifestyle and establish a greater connection to high-performance living,” she continues.

The classes will run weekly through October 27th on Thursday mornings at 8am. We encourage you to experience it for yourself.

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