YouTuber, Mai Pham, is Staying Authentic to Herself While Designing Her Own Clothing Brand

Photo Credit: Nikii Victoria

With over 2.2M+ followers and 116M+ views across her social media platforms, Mai Pham is one of the most popular travel, beauty, and lifestyle content creators today. Mai is always unapologetically herself and strives to keep her channel honest and personal by opening up about her mental health struggles, breakups, being independent at a young age, and more. Mai is currently gearing up to release her self-designed clothing brand of streetstyle pieces, which was inspired by Travis Scott’s Potential Cacti.

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Photo Credit: Nikii Victoria


Mai Pham was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. She began her YouTube channel at 13-years-old, by uploading a video of the contents of her high school volleyball bag. She continued taking her followers through her lifestyle and various beauty transformation. Now at 17, she has created an amazing platform with over 2.2M+ followers and 116M+views across all social media platforms. After building a strong platform, she moved out of her parent’s house at 15-years-old to follow her passion for traveling around the world. She is extremely active on Instagram and loves attending beauty conferences such as BeautyCon. Some of her most popular content is her spontaneous transformation and ‘glow-up’ videos on her channel. Mai constantly encourages her followers to be independent and chase their dreams.

Mai is passionate about traveling, going on adventures, and also being an outlet for conversations about real and meaningful issues. At a very young age, Mai’s parents inspired her love for seeing the world and being independent. After leaving high school, Mai began traveling the world on her own at 16-years old. She is extremely passionate about meeting people from different places and experiencing new cultures.  In August of 2016, she released a video where she sang in front of her followers for the first time. She also recently moved into a house in Los Angeles with her best friend! She has many exciting partnerships including her recent collaborations with brands such as Bumble, The Picnic Collective, Reebok, Belief, and EyeBuyDirect.

Mai constantly strives to keep her channel honest and personal by opening up about mental health struggles and breakups, while also sharing crash courses on skateboarding, camping adventures, and bucket lists.  Mai was also very open with her followers when talking about why she dropped out of school and the hardships of moving away from home at a young age. In December of 2020, Mai went onto her channel to discuss dealing with online hate and how she strives to be a great role model. She encourages her followers to be self-aware and constantly work on improving and become more positive.

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